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handcrafted with in Melbourne

NEP Melbourne (Natural Essential Products) is a 100% family-owned Australian skincare company providing affordable, natural and chemical-free products to the wider community. Our goal is to provide people with a healthier, wholesome alternative to the conventional skincare products on the market. All our products are handmade with love in Melbourne, Australia. We use the finest organic-certified butters, oils and pure essential oils to craft our final products in small batches. 100% of our ingredients are from natural origin.

No preservatives, petrochemicals, chemicals, additives, or fragrances ever make it into our products - natural or synthetic. Zilch. Our products are tested by ourselves, family and friends. We have to love it before we make the products available to the public.

We were founded in June 2018 with the hope that people will start living a chemical-free lifestyle and give their skin the best nourishment it deserves.

“ The quest of living a chemical-free life started with a personal need to make my own skin care products for my kids due to their skin issues - eczema and acne. As a mother, I was on a mission to do all I can to improve these skin issues. We overhauled the way we do things as a family in 2015 by living a chemical-free lifestyle as best as we can. It is impossible to eliminate 100% of the nasties especially when it’s from external factors, but I have 100% full control of what we eat and use at home. And you can too. ”

- Joyce (Founder)

“ I’ve been using a few NEP products over the past couple of months and I’m loving it! The SHIELD Moisturising Serum is hands down one of the best and leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated without being too greasy. It also has a beautiful and calming lavender scent which is perfect for helping you wind down just before bed. Their perfume roll-ons are also great for those who are sensitive to fragrances/perfumes! Its great value for the price and the fact that it’s made fresh for each order makes it even better. Highly recommend! ”

- Lois

Facial Sunscreen

“ I love that this sunscreen is so easy to travel with – chuck it in your luggage without worrying it might leak all over your clothes! It has a really nice feel to it, just warm it up and it glides on beautifully without feeling like it’s clogging your skin. Finding a cream that is great for the whole family, from my 10 month old up makes it an essential item to have in my nappy bag every day. ”

Skin Salve

“ The smell of this salve is divine, not too strong or too sickly. I rub it onto my problem areas of skin and within minutes my skin feels smoother without feeling sticky or greasy. The pot is a really generous size as you only need to use a little bit to feel the benefits. ”

Skin Improvement Serum

“ Every time I use this it feels like a little treat. It leaves my face feeling plump and smooth and surprisingly isn’t greasy at all. I’ve definitely had less skin flair ups since using this, I’ll definitely be making this a regular part of my skin routine. ”

“ It's great knowing these are good quality Australian made products. ”

- Kate

“ I work full time outdoors mowing lawns and doing garden maintenance. I wear a long sleeve high-vis shirt, long pants and a hat. Of course my face is exposed, so I rely on sunscreen for my nose, cheeks and lips. I have tried NEP's facial sunscreen and haven’t been sunburnt at all. I am constantly covered in dust and sweat and often wipe my face with my sleeve. Therefore l reapply the facial sunscreen several times throughout the day. It doesn’t take a lot of the sunscreen to cover my nose, cheeks and lips so it seems that the small container will last quite a while. It has a pleasant smell and flavour (as I can taste it on my lips) and easily spreads on the tip of my finger. I am very happy with the price and the product and reassured that it is 100% natural. ”

- Ross

“ I have been using the moisturising serum for the last 6 months. I find it suits my skin well and absorbs easily. I've introduced the product to my 40 year old friend and 72 year old mother-in-law & they love the feel of the serum. I will keep using it and certainly recommend others to try! Thank you Joyce, it is an excellent product! ”

- Victoria

“ I like the smell of frankincense in the skin salve. It neither makes my skin oily, nor feel sticky after application, which is great! My skin feels soft and moisturised. ”

- Nicole

“ I am really grateful for this product as I have tried many other products before but they don't last long. Since I tried the NEP Clear Skin Improvement Serum on my daughter, I saw a lot of improvement on her face and this product also made her skin soft and clean. Thanks NEP! ”

- Fanny

“ I really love your moisturising serum. It really softens my skin plus I love the scent - not overpowering. ”

- Hiromi




Our Mission

To empower the public to make better choices with what they use topically,
to educate them to minimise toxin exposure
and to equip them to live a chemical-free life.